Secrets of Badby Woods - Northamptonshire

Nestled in the village of Badby, near Daventry, Badby woods (Can you see how they came up with the name?) is a beautiful place to take a Sunday stroll with the family. Infact it doesn’t even have to be a Sunday, it can be any day.

What makes it so special?

It’s a 47.2 hectare site of special scientific interest. I honestly cannot tell you how big that is, what is a hectare? Hold on I’ll Google it.

10,000 square metres = 1 hectare, okay?

10,000 square metres is like 100m x 100m. 

So 47.2 hectares is 472,000 square metres / quick math.

Owned by the Fawsley Estate, (I think) it’s private property and therefore must be treated with respect. Walkers and dog owners are however welcomed into the woods. 

To answer the question, why is it so special, as spring time descends, it brings with it magical Bluebells. 

Carpet of Bluebells

Eliza loved exploring the woods, passing through the whimsical flowers that give off a gorgeous smell. Be careful not to stand on any, clear paths are dotted around the whole area. 

Make sure you wear boots! Eliza managed to get herself stuck in a muddy puddle and as we pulled her free, one of her shoes came off. Then came the crying, the muddy sock / foot, then the slight argument between Helen & I. 

We did of course sort it out and finished a lovely walk, which was around 3 - 4 miles.


Did you know?

Apparently Badby Woods also has it’s own ghost! A Lady, killed by her Husband after he caught her cheating on him, is occasionally seen riding a white horse through the Woods.




Where is your local Bluebell walk in the Spring?

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