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Real proof that Santa is REAL!

Christmas is magical.

Christmas brings us nice food & drink.

It brings families together.

The possibility of snow?

Father Christmas…….

But how can YOU prove that he has really visited?

Now we all know that Father Christmas eats the treat that we leave for him and drinks the delicious beverage before delivering all of those special gifts.  His reindeer’s eat the carrots and reindeer food left outside for them.

That’s good but seeing is believing, right?




The truth is out there

What if I told you that there is a way to show your child that he really, really, REALLY did visit?

Proper proof?

Well take a look at this!

I didn’t catch his best side but you can see what was going on. When all of the presents and safely delivered just take a snap and add SANTA to make the pic really magical.

You can set it however you feel looks best but believe me it has a real, lasting impression. 

Some apps that I found


Imagine the look of wonder and surprise when a child you love sees a photo of Santa in your home. It's the perfect gift ~ PROOF that Santa is real. Create unlimited photos on your smart phone or tablet with three of our most popular Santa stickers ~ absolutely free! * They celebrate diversity by offering white, black and Hispanic Santa's and Tooth Fairies.

Capture the magic

Photo editing fun for everyone. Download this photo editing app which shows Santa placing the presents under the tree,the tooth fairy swapping a coin for a tooth and many more magical events.

In Conclusion

Well, to be honest there are lots of apps that do the same! If you don’t like my suggested ones just search for your own.

Add Santa to photo’s or something will put you in the right area.

Then wait for the magic to really happen Christmas morning.

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