Kids really do say the funniest things!

At Days out now we love to have a bit of fun!

So I asked my Facebook group members a question,

“What are some words that your kid pronounced wrong that you find hilarious?”

You never know how people will react to posts like this on Facebook but they responded in their droves.

I’m going to list some of the comments. We would love to know your favourites and whether your child has said something different that cracks you up.

Funny Mispronounced Words


Yornkshire puddings

Constructions - Instructions


Ridicle - Bicycle 

Wook - Look

Dinamas - Pyjamas

Strangled egg - Scrambled egg

 Woowoo - Hoover

Nailglarnish - Nailvarnish

toys rass - Toys r Us

4th Head - Forehead 

Flammy mango - Flamingo

Hilarious Accidental Rude Words

Kids are so innocent, bless ’em. However when Granny’s round your house there are some words you don’t want your little ones coming out with!

Biscuit - Bigshit 

Peanuts - Penis

Shihtzu - Shit soup 

Bull mastiff - Bull bastard 

Marshall - Arse Hole

Truck - Fuck 

Spag bol - bollocknaise 

Clock - Cock

Chicken - Shitin 

One Car - Wanker

Popcorn - Cockporn

Lipstick - Lipdick

Blackcurrant - Fatcunt

Paw patrol - Whore Troll

Diarrhoea - Bum Sick

Bouncy castle - Bloody arsehole (Cringe)

One Direction - One erection

Orange - aminge

Toad in the hole - Turd in the hole

Butterfly - Fuckerfly

Ice cream - Arse cream

Brilliant mini stories

My middle one says each other gether but he means together.

I love it he has said it since he was 2 he is now 5. I correct him and he still says it lol. My little one says donup for donut lol x


Sienna said “Are you sad Mummy?”

I said “Yeah, cause Mummy is ugly”

She said “You aren’t”

I said “Well I feel it”

She said “You’re perfect with your make-up on”


“Mum, what is a syphillis?” In the middle of Sainsbury’s

“It says Phyllis Sam” 😱🤣


My son always pronounce s as sh…. it was always amusing when he told the teacher he wanted to sit on the carpet 


Clock is cock… Home bargains yesterday with my 5 year old daughter. ” oh mum look at that big cock!” Lovely !!👎👎👎


Dick instead of stick. Always great when she shouts to the dog on the field ‘Rowie get your dick’ 🤣


 ‘Mummy, I poorly, I need alcohol!’ She meant Calpol! We’ve all been there!! 🤣🤣


“Mummy look at those people over there they are lesbians”. she meant pedestrians!!! Took some working out till she explained they had people in at school to talk about crossing the road


if he say suck, it comes out as fuck which is really bad when i’m stood in a cue in Asda n he come out with mummy iv fucked it mummy when he meant iv sucked it So embarrassing 😂😂😂


My daughter very excitedly told me she went on an Easter egg cunt and nursery…….🤣


My nephew aged about 3 ran into my kitchen saying ” quick there’s a big sucking sog in you garden, he couldn’t pronounce his fs lol. We had many big frogs in our garden


When my son is asked ‘what noise does a duck make?’ His reply is ‘twat twat!’ 😂😂😂😂 he is 3 yr old


Daughter (now 28).stood up in a restaurant and demanded a forkin knife …obviously a knife and fork …but a little embarrassing at the time


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